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Tweeting in Learning


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Most meetings were held asynchronously through conversations via email, and twitter accounts. 


Date of Meeting  Discussed at Meeting 
Feb 8th
This was the setting up of the group and its members. Jennifer set up the first site.
Feb 25
Emails were sent back and forth trying to schedule a meeting in Elluminate but came up short because Jennifer was eight hours away in England.  We just decided to keep in touch through e-mail.
March 1 

Karl and Pattie met in Elluminate. Discussed "Twitter in Education" as our research topic. Tentative assignments of Karl - Intro to Twitter, Jennifer - Twitter in Primary Ed., Pattie - Twitter in Secondary Ed., Ray - Twitter in Corporate Training. Discussed the fact that all of us were expected to pitch in to the creation of the tutorials and wiki page. Karl was to send out an email with a summary of the meeting to everyone so that we could firm things up. Through the emails Ray's tutorial changed to Twitter in Higher Education.


March 2
A new website was created by Dr. Butler. An email was sent about getting admin rights to it.
March 4
Through email we shared different articles found about Twitter in Education.
March 7
We discussed via email which articles were posted on the wiki.
March 11
Through email we discussed the upcoming deadline and who was going to do what part.
March 15
Emails were sent back and forth discussing what was needed to be finished for the first Deadline.
March 28 

Updates through email as to what parts of the rough draft and wiki page had been finished for Deadline 2.


April 11 

Emails were sent out about the reviews required and the final touches for Deadline 3. 

April 12


Karl and Pattie met in Elluminate. Discussed the need to have an Elluminate meeting with all of us to rehearse our presentation. Pattie was to send out an email summarizing everything and requesting a schedule exchange to plan for the Elluminate meeting. Karl agreed to change the wiki page from one page (which was an information overload) to a website with multiple pages for ease of use. Pattie agreed to create a shell for the PowerPoint to be used in the group presentation.

April 13 

Email discussion to set the live meeting for rehearsal on Sunday at 3pm Central time zone. 
April 18

We met in Elluminate to plan the final presentation. Agreed to add our scripts to the wiki to avoid redundancy. Clarification of one-way vs. two-way communication in Twitter. Practiced using the web tour feature in Elluminate and decided against it's use during our presentation. Decided to: use screenshots in place of the web tour, send Pattie changes to PowerPoint to be reduce confusion of different versions, include a questions slide, include a conclusion slide, eliminate the softare slide, meet April 24th at 2pm. Jennifer would come up with a conclusion. Ray would come up with an intro.


April 24


Some PowerPoint slides were sent to Pattie. During the Elluminate meeting it was discussed that the slides could not cover what was covered in the tutorials. Everyone agreed to work on new slides and scripts. We agreed to meet the next day at 2pm to do at least one run through.


April 25


We met in Elluminate to conduct a practice run of group presentation.  Made final corrections to slides and script. 



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