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Spring 2010 Team 3 Home Page

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Tweeting in Learning


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Cooperative Project

EDTC 6320

Group 3, Spring 2010



Jennifer E. - Pattie P. - Karl R. - Ray S.



Introduction to Problem to be Addressed


With an increasing number of students having access to the Internet and social networking sites becoming extremely popular, it is beneficial for instructors to utilize these sites for educational purposes. Our group will take an in depth look at how to use these sites advantageously, specifically Twitter. We will address the features and benefits of the Twitter social networking site, along with providing a tutorial of how to set up a Twitter account and implement into instruction for a variety of grade levels. Not only is this service free to use, but it also provides a way to pass information instantaneously while keeping students actively involved and interested.


Twitter is a real-time blog that is used by a variety of individuals and institutions, including news services, job finding sites, and now schools (Campbell, 2009). Blog entries on Twitter, or "tweets", are character limited so messages must be direct and to the point in order to effectively convey a message. This setup not only prevents users from becoming bored by lengthy posts but also allows for individuals to access such information by both computer and wireless devices. Users can set up their account to notify their cellular device when a new tweet has been posted. With a majority of students being owners of cell phones capable of receiving such messages, class updates can be passed instantly.


Active class participation is always beneficial to a successful learning environment. Our group will analyze how Twitter provides a means to encourage and continue class participation even after the classroom session ends. This can either be implemented through such practices as posting a discussion topic for students to contribute to. It also can be used for students to ask questions of their instructor or other students.


Twitter is a means to supplement instruction in a cost-free way by providing instant class updates and encouraging classroom participation. We feel it is an invaluable tool for use in today's and future classrooms.


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