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Tweeting in Learning


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Relevance to Education  

One of the issues that primary and secondary teachers face in the classroom today is the disconnect between themselves, their students and their students' parents. One solution to this problem may lie in social networking, more specifically Twitter. A teacher would be able to send messages to parents about upcoming projects, deadlines or homework. Students would be able to take a deeper look into a topic by messaging each other their thoughts and ideas. If teachers are willing to think outside of the classroom a world of opportunities develop.


In the elementary classroom, it can be used to develop revising and editing skills.  In secondary education, it could be used to give hints on homework or a heads up on what to study for a pop quiz. In higher education, it can be used to force students to pick out the main topic of that days lecture by having them summarize it for homework.


Behind the scenes, Twitter can help collaboration amongst teachers of a certain cohort, team, or department. In a cohort, one project can integrate math, science, social studies, english and art. The student wouldn't be bogged down by multiple projects for different teachers. They would be able to explore one topic from every angle, allowing them to go deeper into their studies than ever before. In a department, teachers can give each other a heads up when something didn't work as well, when they have found a useful website, or even collaborate on a grant.


The possibilities are endless.  As with all technologies, all we have to do is learn how to use them.


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