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Tweeting in Learning


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With an increased percentage of students being connected to the Internet and the recent popularity of social networking sites such as Twitter, instructors can utilize these technologies for a more efficient educational process. When conducting research we were able to identify the numerous advantages and applications of this Internet site, specifically in primary, high school, and higher education classrooms. Tutorials were provided for Twitter account creation and implementation for instructors and students at each of the designated educational levels. Not only is this service cost effective but it is extremely user friendly and can be accessed in a variety of ways.


Utilization of Twitter in primary education proved to be a new tool in developing young students reading and writing skills. It supplements the traditional lesson by presenting a new and entertaining means for students to hone their literary skills. This is done both individually and as a class, allowing users to learn from others and keep them actively involved in the learning process. Twitter accounts also can be used by instructors to pass on updates on class curriculum and student progression to parents. All activities are archived and provide a tool to reflect back on past exercises.


In the high school setting, Twitter can be created for individual students, classes, or the entire school. It provides a way for information to be shared between teacher, student, and family users instantly. Uses range from broadcasting updates on school sporting events to student faculty members sharing recommended educational practices. At this age, students are more connected to the Internet and can access the various Twitter accounts on a regular basis.


Higher education students are more familiar with Internet technologies than the previous two educational levels and would benefit greatly from Twitter usage. Instant updates on course schedule and curriculum changes can be shared, along with encouraging discussions outside of regular scheduled classes. Twitter presents a new way for students to share ideas, follow users with similar interests, and conduct research.


Twitter is a newer technology that is used by a variety of individuals of different ages, interests, and backgrounds. As with any newly introduced technology, it's capabilities continue to grow and develop each day. Account set up is quick, easy, and free process. Once complete users have gained a new tool to communicate with others, share information, and supplement education nearly anytime and anywhere due to compatibility with a variety of wireless devices. After conducting research, our group feels this is an invaluable service that can and should be implemented in today's and future classrooms. 



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